IKE - Wisdom to Whisper | Kickstarter

Today we launched a kickstarter for a travel documentary that explores the blending of cultural values with modern innovation. We’re calling the film IKE Wisdom to Whisper – http://kck.st/1mylJtX The past few years have been a crazy journey of personal growth. Since the inception of Aloha Sunday I’ve been privy to the many life lessons learned while growing a small business. With the addition of my first son to our family, I’ve also been challenged to explore on a deeper level what it means to be Hawaiian and how one can use the knowledge of the past as a means to foster progress and growth. During this time, I’ve also been fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with my friend Clifford Kapono who is currently at UCSD pursuing a PHD in Chemistry. In addition to being an amazing surfer, scholar, friend and filmmaker, Cliff is also a contributing member of Kapu Na Keiki (one of the youngest crews to sail the Hokulea) and is constantly looking for ways to integrate his cultural values into his academic undertakings. We are hoping that working on creating this film will be a transformative experience that is able to shed some light on those creating sustainable change through culturally sensitive advancements in both research and innovation. We’ll be shooting this documentary over a couple of weeks this June in Tahiti. We’re coordinating this trip with the completion of the first leg of the Hokulea’s Mālama Honua which will result in a 3 year worldwide voyage. IKE Wisdom to Whisper If you feel like supporting the project you can contribute to our Kickstarter - http://kck.st/1mylJtX Here are some more links related to the project: http://www.hokulea.com http://tomorrowancestor.com http://pvs.kcc.hawaii.edu Thanks for the Support! - Kahana