In Stock: Dear Darling Calligraphy

shop may days-1 We're excited to announce the addition of a collection of prints by Dear Darling Calligraphy, an illustrative project by our good friend Suzy Lee. Beyond her personalized aesthetic we especially vibe with her work ethos... "When my parents moved to America 30 years ago, they were full of visions and dreams about what life in this country would bring. When I was growing up, they hoped I'd someday be a distinguished somebody, that my hands would stay soft, and my bum in a cushioned chair. But what they modeled was a life much wilder...full of deep feelings, massive dreams, hard work that made rough hands...and all I can think about is how it'd be an honor to live up to lives like theirs. Hard work isn't the goal, money certainly can't be enough, but devoting yourself to something and being changed by it...that's beautiful to me." -Suzy Shop Prints Here