Monday Swim Club + Labor Day Pool Party

On Monday, September 1st 2014 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm we’ll be hosting a pool party at the Lafayette Hotel Swim Club and Bungalows. Music will be provided courtesy of Roller Radio, Aaron Castle and Shige of Pacific Handlers//Bump. Entry will be $15 dollars and free for all Monday Swim Club members. About the Aloha Sunday Monday Swim Club We're excited to announce that we've partnered with The Lafayette Hotel in an effort to bring the Aloha Sunday and greater San Diego community a little closer together. Every Monday through the rest of the Summer we'll be hosting a tropical poolside soiree from 1pm - 5pm at the historic Weissmuller Pool (pictured below).

Our goal was to make this swim club as inclusive as possible so we worked out a special Monday Swim Club membership that will grant you access to the pool from 7am - 7pm on every Monday through the rest of 2014. In addition to pool access every member will also receive 10% off all room rates and 15% off food and drink at the Hope 46 restaurant and bar. Individual memberships are $50.00 per person. However, signing up in groups of 5 drops the membership cost to $25.00 per person.

This weekly event will be an all ages, family friendly shindig void of obnoxious fist pumping music. In terms of the overall vibe of the day, picture Duke Kahanamoku and JFK kicking back, shooting the breeze and sipping on Mai Tai's. Membership sign ups can be filled out anytime in the Hotel Lobby or in any Aloha Sunday store.