In Stock: The Only Pair of Cargo Pants You Should Own

Our creative process has always been geared around creating products that empower people to lead a life they love. It's this train of thought that led us to the creation of the boulder rip stop cargo pant.  

The Aloha Sunday community consists of a wide network of unique individuals passionately engaged in a number of occupations.  From LA filmmakers to Human Rights Activists in central Africa, many of our friends have expressed the desire for a slim fitting pair of pants with multiple pockets for storage and easy access to gear.  We used this creative call as an excuse to update the often written off cargo pant.


We studied the intricacies of a 1960’s Military issue cargo pant for construction, style and functional details.  We sourced a cotton rip-stop fabric for it’s lightweight breathability and strength and updated the fit with a relaxed seat, tailored the legs and the result was the Boulder Cargo Pant.  Whether we’re spending our days in the shop or on surf expeditions in Baja the Boulder has become an everyday staple.

Paired with the Boulder cargo pant, Kahana also wears the multi-color wool blend Cooper Jacket and the Coastal Collection California Bucket Hat. The entire Aloha Sunday collection is made in the USA. Click Here to shop this look along with the rest of the collection online.