In Stock: The Aloha Sunday Wooster Duffle Coat

The Aloha Sunday Wooster is a modern take on the classic duffle coat. Traditionally known for it’s dense woolen fabric, boxy fit and wood or bone toggles, this legendary piece of outerwear realized its value as a purposeful piece of military outfitting during the early 1900s. Throughout the years the duffle coat made it’s way into the minds of the fashion conscious and by the 1950’s was adopted by both ivy prepsters and hippie beatniks alike.


In order to make the Wooster our own we slimmed down this traditional silhouette and sourced a light tropical navy wool. We lined the inside of the jacket with Palaka (a fabric that rose in popularity in the sugar cane plantations of Hawaii from 1885 – 1941) and employed carved wood and sisal twine toggles for the jacket closure. The result is a utilitarian overcoat void of chunkiness, and a stylishly sensible reason for being.

The Aloha Sunday Wooster Duffle Coat and the entire collection is made in the USA.

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