In Stock: Slowtide Towels For All Bodies of Water

Inspired by all bodies of water and their love for art, SLOWTIDE is a collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. They dyed fabrics, mixed paints, manipulated pixels, collaborated with artists and photographers to create Slowtide. Based in Hawaii and California, Slowtide is a melting pot of the minds and ties together sentiments for the water and art. 

SLOWTIDE towels are crafted with form & function in mind. Soft-hand, sheared cotton velour face plays host to their vibrant prints, while equally complemented by the plush and absorbent looped terry back. Eye catching designs, fast drying and the ideal travel accessory for any adventure. 

Each towel measures 30” x 60” and is available online and in the North Park Flagship and the Kailua Outpost.