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Musings: Rob Bailey

We first discovered Rob Bailey through this image.       Something about its minimalism and shape-driven modernness kind of stopped us in our tracks.  Aside from the fact that he's an illustrator from Manchester, England, there wasn't much we were able to learn about Rob Bailey on the world wide webs.  Ever-so aligned with his minimal design, we found a couple of things that suggested he maintains a pretty low profile, which is quite alright for us.  His illustrations certainly speak for themselves.     All images via Rob Bailey.  

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Film Trailer: Apt At Home

One of the benefits of embarking on the Aloha Sunday journey is having the ability to align our personal and professional aspirations into one synonymous and passionate approach to living. Having the freedom to do whatever it is we want prior to opening the shop at 11am has given us the option of spending more time with others and usually results in more time in the water. Last spring, without any real end goal, we began compiling footage from our morning surf routine. Rather than forcing a series of same day surf edits, we decided to channel our efforts towards the creation of a slightly longer piece that depicts the overall mood of a typical morning session. We are happy...

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