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Short Film: Stay Wild Magazine

Thumbnails: Episode Two // Justin "Scrappers" Morrison. from Slippery Saltwater Chronicles on Vimeo.   Justin "Scrappers" Morrison is an artist and the founder of Stay Wild Magazine. Stay Wild Magazine is a free adventure magazine that Scrappers and his wife, Amy, run out of their creative workshop, ACTION, based in Portland, Oregon. Scrappers' love of the outdoors and art is what makes Stay Wild such a unique and interesting, quarterly publication.   For more information about Stay Wild visit: & follow them on Instagram at  To learn more about Scrappers visit: 

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Short Film: Wet Plate Photography with Lenny Kaholo

While on Oahu last month, we met up with our friend Lenny Kaholo at his photo studio that overlooks Diamond Head. Lenny is a freelance photographer that has been shooting wet plate photography for the last two years. Wet plate photography is an old fashioned method of shooting portraits and still life images that requires a great deal of patience and skill.     For more of Lenny's work visit:  +    Film + Edit by: Evan Schell. 

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Film: Apolis + The Venture

We've always been inspired by Apolis and their commitment to creating social change through business.  Anyone who knows the Parton brothers can attest to the fact that they might just be the best two humans on the planet.  This video does a great job at capturing the personality of the brand and the passion exuded by Raan and Shea.  We're honored to be partnered with Apolis.

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