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May Grayscale - San Diego on 35mm

I rarely shoot with black and white film. But last year I traded my friend a roll of color film for one of his rolls of Kodak T-Max 400. I had been saving up the roll for the opportune time and decided to shoot with it at the beginning of this month as the May gray began to roll in thick. Here are a few of my favorite photos from some memorable, moments this month. Photos & Words by: Evan Schell. 

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ABC Fieldtrip: Baja with Richer Poorer

A few weeks back we partnered with the good folks at Richer Poorer to help out with a campaign for their new collection.  We loaded up the van and met up with fellow members of the RP Athletics Club ~ Danny Fuller, Damien Fahrenfort, and JJ Wessels, and headed south for a few days.  Dylan Gordon was on hand to photograph the adventure. View the complete Gallery Here Shop Richer Poorer Here

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