Aloha Beach Club - Black and Sand Flojos 101

by: Flojos

It all started last year when professional picture taker and friend John Hook gifted us with a pair of 1980’s Flojos that he thrifted from a Goodwill in Wahiawa. Seeing those sun-faded relics flooded our minds with youthful memories of Z Cavaricci pants, rat-tails, and kickball games… and it was at that moment that we knew we needed to find and stock these numbers at Aloha Beach Club.

After unearthing the Flojo 101 sandal from the depths of their manufacturers Thousand Oaks archives, the design force at Aloha Beach Club sought to sprinkle their own juju on the hodad classic.  Through collaboration with the Flojos team the ABC Black and Sand 101 was born.

The light and dark combo gives the look of a lighter sandal without any gross discoloration you’d typically carry from a lighter colored sole.  The ABC Black and Sand 101 is equal parts style and fuction with an honorable nod to the hanabata days of our youth.

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