Reynard Vixen - Cedar Slim Tapered Selvedge Denim

by: Reynard Vixen

Reynard Vixens intention with this pair of denim was to create a jean that can be sized up or down to provide a "skinny" or "slim" fit.  They pushed their design as close to standard "skinny" dimensions as possible without getting too close.  

- 13.5 oz. Cone Mills Selvedge Denim
- Mt. Vernon Mills 9 oz. Canvas Pocket Bags
- Hand Stamped Veg Tan Leather Patch by Edison Mfg Co in San Diego
- Extended Pocket Bag to Accommodate Personal Devices
- Fully Lined Back Pockets (Mt. Vernon Mills 9 oz. canvas)
- Mildly Contoured Back Pockets
- Tucked Belt Loops
- Branded Buttons and Rivets
- Chain Stitched Hem
- Made in the USA

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